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Basanta Shrestha, a renowned musical icon and President of Rotaract club Butwal for the year 2016-2017. First and foremost Basanta Shrestha is a well-known singer and music composer,who considers himself to be a music lover.He is privileged enough to grow in a musical family, where his dad used to listen Late Narayan Gopal’s songs.They partook in ritual singing,still do.Back in the day there were not much music enthusiast. A much respected music teacher from Butwal, Dipak Singh Kalikotay who was responsible for lots of singers/guitarist coming out of the region to have the knowledge of music. “If it wasn’t for him, possibly I wouldn’t be where I’m today in music”, says Basanta. “But still there is long way to go and learn ahead in my musical career. In short I’m very simple, down to earth person”, he added.
Back in his school days, Basanta was involved in the band called “Dazzlers”. During his school days they weren’t so much allowed to perform love songs so they were a lot with performing patriotic and cultural songs. At his college days he was involved with couple of different bands like “Kshitiz”, “Batauli” and so on. After being in several bands it occurred to him it was about time to make music seriously and mark a dent in the scene, he decided to form Basan & the Crews in 2000.
Basanta Shrestha have a huge respect for broad styles of music. He performs ritual songs in an organization “Art of Living”; also leads these sorts of function happening in the organization. Ever heard of a band making Bhajans in present context? There is another similar temple per se “Satya Sai” where he teaches ritual and devotional music.Since there are a lots of ethnic Nepalese people leaving towards Indian music who live here, he performs classic Bollywood music during such functions. As a band they perform all variants of rock music including Hindi, English and Nepali. “I find it very difficult to segregate myself to a single particular genre of music. Since I perform in all sort of circumstances -pubs,lounges,bars,hotels,restaurants,temples and whatnot, there is not a single style of music which I could say is my favorite” says Basanta.
“As far as memory serves, I first started listening to music of Late Narayan Gopal. Even today his music is true and stands out the best. His classical numbers ‘Malai na sodha kaha dukcha ghau’, ‘Kehi mitho baat gara’, ‘Parkhi base’, ‘Aajai ra raati’,auta manche ko maya le’ they are timeless! So my icon, one who my dad also truly loved as well is Narayan Gopal”, replied Basanta asked about his music icon.
Lastly, he supported and blessed us for our newly launched website. “There is lots of happening in and around Butwal. You guys must be dynamic and should try to cover these activities as far as possible.

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